Welcome to Credit River Township, Minnesota

Welcome to Credit River Township

Public Notice Supervisor Tom Kraft obituary

Public NoticeAn informational meeting on the proposed 2016 Scottview Estates Road Project will be held at the town hall on September 21 at 7:00pm

Public NoticeMap of 2015 Road Crack Filling Projects

Public NoticeMap of 2015 Road Seal Coating Projects

Public NoticeCentury & Kane Feasibility Report

Public NoticeKane and Century FAQ

Public NoticeCasey & Killarney Feasibility Report

Public NoticeCasey and Killarney FAQ

Public NoticeSouthfork & 196th St Feasibility Report

Public NoticeSouthfork and 196th FAQ

Public NoticeCredit River Debt Rating Upgraded two notches to AA+ by Standard & Poors

Public Notice2015 Approved Levy

Public Notice2015 Town Board Meeting Schedule

Public NoticeCredit River Township Building Permit Process and Scott County Zoning Information

Public NoticeProposed 5 Year Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan - Paved Roads

***Please contact the treasurer for ALL CSTS Billing, pending assessment, tax questions, or escrow refunds.  Due to the nature of this information, written requests via email are accepted at .  Please, no phone calls for this information. Thank you.


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Township Office Hours:
Tuesdays : 8:30 am – 12 noon or by
appointment by contacting the Township Clerk.

Town Clerk: 952.440.5515

Town Treasurer:

Town Engineer: 952.440.5617

Township Board Meeting Schedule
First Monday of the month at 6:00pm.
Third Monday of the month if necessary, 6:00pm.
Credit River Government Center

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